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Please use our sandbox for all testing. I gave it it's iconic name, as Kufsa means 'Box' in Hebrew.

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Jean-Jacques Goldberg

Jean-Jacques Goldberg is the drummer of HaClique, he was born in Belgium in 1955. Aside from HaClique, he has drummed on many other Israeli Rock Artist's albums and live shows. He had the honour of playing drums with such legends as Rami Fortis, Berry Sakharof and Ehud Banai. Jean-Jacques passed away on 28th December 2006, after a two year struggle with cancer.

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הקליק בהופעה - אמא אני לא רוצה להגמל

הקליק בהופעה - אמא אני לא רוצה להגמל

Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel (Live In Tel-Aviv)

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