Hakol Mushlam
Hakol Mushlam
Album by HaClique
Released 2002
Recorded 1998, September 2001, 2002
Total Length 23:13
Format Hakufsa
Genre Electronic
Label Incubator Records, NMC Records, L.A.4 Records
Writer(s) Dani Dothan, Eli Avramov
Producer(s) Eli Avramov
HaClique Album Chronology
Preceding Album Live In Tel-Aviv (1988)
This Album Hakol Mushlam (2002)
Succeeding Album Hakufsa (2002)

Hakol Mushlam is a 2002 mini-album by Israeli rock band HaClique, it was included only in their box-set, Hakufsa and is a collection of unreleased recordings made in 1998, 2001 and 2002 [1]

Track ListEdit

  1. Hakol Mushlam
  2. Shir Hemshech (Haolam Mamshich Lehistovev)
  3. Eretz Israel 2000
  4. Sivuv Hagalgal
  5. Milim Zolot