Ovad Efrat (born on 1 April 1956 in Tel Aviv) is a musician, composer and producer in Israel. Efrat started playing music on guitar as a child.

After military service in Squadron 13, he joined HaClique as the bass guitarist, characterized by a unique playing style of drumming on the strings of the instrument. During his time in the band, he hid under the mask nickname "Obi Pepper" because of embarassment with fellow band mates (drugs and army-desertion). During the early eighties Efrat played different compositions and with many artists, including Ehud Banai, Si Hyman and Liliya. Towards the end of the eighties, a talent was discovered as a composer, in particular his work with singer Liliya, composing, arranging and producing her first album. As of 1989 Efrat Peretz extensive musical activity, produced and played on a record of Ehud Banai - "close to", composed Work Si Hyman, a musical produced the band's album Youth links, "you paint a mustache" and composed a few songs. Efrat also produced for Sivan Shavit, Yael Levy and Chava Alberstein and also worked for her. during 90s continued to produce and process for many artists, with some new and some previously worked as Gidi Gov, Dafna Dekel, [ [Adam (singer) | a]], Tal Friedman, Danny San and light Galron, the band played the Rami Kleinstein "the Council", arranged and produced for the band Zoo and Raffi Persky. later in life, composed, played, arranged and produced Efrat for many other artists such as Rita, Etti Ankri, Yehudit Ravitz , Download Klepter, Elders of Safed, Danny Sanderson. During his musical produced and arranged, in addition, for the number of instances of Pstigl, also participated musical production of several films and composed dozens more. Many were sent me a great popularity, such as "Amsterdam", "You do not want anything", "like so", "space between man shirt", "held in the air" and more.

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